Business Planning


Business planning is often the first step in developing solutions.  It may be farm refinancing or the opportunity to expand the family farm, but a solid well-defined plan is necessary.  Understanding your goals and the current strengths and weaknesses of your operation is vital in both short-term and long-term success.

Farm Refinancing
Equity has worked with hundreds of farmers and Agri-businesses to help refinance Ag loans.  We work closely with banks and loan institutions around the Midwest to help farmers reestablish their financial picture in both good and difficult times. We work hard to find our clients the absolute best possible options when refinancing that will help them achieve their goals.


Risk Management


Farming is a difficult profession with many factors outside our control.  Developing a risk management plan allows farmers and agri-businesses to have more control.  Utilizing our business plan coupled with crop insurance, crop marketing,  and financial restructuring will help limit the impact of down turns in the market and take advantage of times when the market is positive.  Risk management is increasingly important in agriculture and a good plan is vital to assure success.

Equity offers a wide variety of services to farmers and agri-businesses.  We understand that each client requires unique solutions.  Equity has developed a vast network of professionals that we work with that allows us to find solutions to difficult problems.  

Equity Plus Plan

Equity Plus Plan is a total management system that directs your present income power, helps you take better control over your financial assets, and allows you to manage money more successfully.  Your Equity Plus Plan recognizes that you have distinct needs and goals, and that your your plan is designed to achieve your financial objectives. We will help you take control of your financial assets and allow you to manage your money better.

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