Financial planning is directed towards your future.  Equity will evaluate your current financial situation, estimate the cost of life-long goals, and establish strategies to meet your financial goals.

What We Do For You:

Your Net Worth 

A financial plan begins with a personal balance sheet, a snapshot of your net worth, showing what you have and what you owe at a given time.

Managing Your Cash Flow

A cash flow statement shows how you are spending your money.  By planning you can adjust your expenses to cover immediate needs and still invest for long-term goals.

Planning for Retirement

The rule of thumb is that you will need 80% of your salary adjusted for inflation to live comfortably when you retire.  Developing a retirement plan will help make the transition into retirement smoother and allow you to live as you wish.

ESOP - Retirement Planning

An Employee Stock Ownershsip Plan is the most diversified and comprehensive retirement plan available.  ESOPs are utilized for tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, financial planning, refinancing, and business continuation plans.

Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA)

A convenient way to prepare for retirement is to invest in an IRA. There are two types of IRAs to consider- a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA. A Traditional IRA allows you to take a tax break when you invest in it, but you will have to pay taxes on earnings when you withdraw the money. A Roth IRA does not provide a tax break initially but you are not required to pay taxes on the earning when you are ready to withdraw your money.

401K plans

These are normally associated with employment, but can be set up for your organization.  The 401K allows you to defer taxes on earnings and reduce your taxable income as you invest.

Keogh Plans

A Keogh Plan may allow you to withdraw a higher percentage of your gross income to be applied to your retirement plan.

SEP Plans

These plans are for people who are self-employed.  It is preferred by professionals in helping their clients because it is simpler to use.

Annuity Plans

Under an annuity contract, you make an up front payment or series of payments in return for a stream of income in the future, even after retirement.  Your earnings are tax-deferred until you take the money out.

Social Security

It likely will not be enough for you to retire, but can be a significant contributor to your overall retirement plan.  We can help ypu in determining the best strategies to utilize social security to your greatest benefit.

Life Insurance

Evaluating your life insurance needs is a key part of financial planning.  There are many different types of life insurance and determining what is best for you and your family is a major part of any retirement plan.

Planning for your Heirs

Part of financial planning should include a strategy to protect your assets for your family and heirs.  But be prepared- the tax collector, courts, and the government all want a piece of the family pie.  Business continuation planning may take on a lot of different alternatives to sell the business at retirement. 


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