Cash Flow Analysis

The starting point of cash flow analysis is analyzing income coming in and expenses going out. It may include refinancing with lower interest rates or restructuring business debt improve cash flow.  Equity provides business plans utilizing accounting programs and reporting systems to improve employee productivity, reporting to management in a timely manner so management can make better decisions with current and timely information.

Financial Procurement Management

Many times Equity has the assignment from our clients to develop a market plan to procure the financial resources to help the business meet their goals and objectives. Equity's responsibility in this situation is to present the business plan to the target market financial resources with the objective of loan approval.  Equity has the responsibility to monitor and control the loan closing for the client.

Line of Credit Financial Resources

Pro Ag Financing may be utilized as a line of credit.  In agricultural business, Pro Ag Financing provides funding for annual agricultural inputs such as crop inputs, family living, 1/2 cash rent up front, repairs, insurance, and interest expenses.  Equity's main objective is to help our clients be cash buyers, keep the discounts, and purchase from suppliers of their choice with competitive prices.  We promote independence and maximize profits.  

Real Estate Financial Resources

Equity works with many quality financial resources that offer competitive interest rates, flexible terms to meet cash flow needs and can lock in interest rates from 5-20 years. Equity has many independent business relationships with financial resources.  Therefore, Equity can match the best plan for you to meet your goals.  The minimum loan size is $150,000 amortization for up to 25 years, and loan value up to 70% of the appraisal or purchase price.

Equity has developed business relationships with many financial resources including: local financial institutions, regional financial institutions, life insurance companies, mortgage companies, state and federal funding financial resources, venture capitalists, and investors.

Livestock Project Financial Resources

Equity has helped many livestock business projects analyze their plans.  After analyzing the project, the second step is to develop a business plan.  The third step is to present the plan to a qualified financial resources.  The fourth step is to monitor and control the loan closing process.

Accounting and Information Management Resources

Equity may provide clients a complete accounting resource, focusing on client business details so a client may focus on what they do best.

Leasing Financial Resources

Leasing offers clients financial flexibility.  The Equity Leasing Resource Program preserves your operating line of credit at your bank.  It provides you with an option.

  • 100% cost of equipment financed, preserves your equity

  • No additional collateral required. No lien on your property

  • Payments are set to meet your marketing schedule and your operating budget

  • Allows you to acquire needed equipment you may not otherwise be able to purchase

  • Important - there is absolutely no obligation, no fees with leasing

Leasing may be used for the following


  • Trucks/pickups

  • Tractors/sprayers

  • Field implements

  • Power units

  • Livestock production

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Grain bins

  • Grain Handling/dryers

  • LP Storage


  • Portable livestock

  • Vinyl/greenhouse

  • Machine sheds

  • Livestock Production

  • (swine, poultry, dairy)




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