Equity provides a complete financial management menu of resources and services.  The menu starts up with accounting and information management services.  Equity will focus on your business details so you can focus on what you do best.

A Partnership Menu Approach to Production Lending

A menu approach to production lending helps farmers grow and prosper with their annual business plans.  As farmers grow in size, it is becoming a lot more complex and consequently ag lending is getting more complex.  The complexity of ag financing requires a comprehensive business plan to make good management decisions.  Today's successful agri-business people understand the importance of the annual business plan.

More Than Just a Lender

Equity offers a menu of financial resources to meet the needs of the agribusiness in today's business environment.  This is why we believe your financial resources should know your business and the business strategies involved with production, financial, and marketing of grain and livestock.  Equity understands the total risk of your business better than most acquisition financial resources.

Creative Financial Resources

Our mission is to put the farmer first - a welcome change from going to some financial resources and feeling like your financing is taking a backseat to everyone else's business.  It is our objective to provide you with financial resources to meet your business needs in achieving your goals.


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