Farm Refinancing

The Equity Farm Refinancing Plan specializes in restructuring debt, consolidate debt, and refinance debt with competitive interest rates and lower payment plans.  The plan promotes no prepayment penalties after one year.  The Equity Refinancing Plan is structured to improve the term debt coverage.  Many farm financial statements have not been structured to improve the term debt coverage of the agribusiness and the farmer.  The Equity Refinancing Plan helps to maximize your profits and control equity.

Equity Financial Resources, Inc. has helped hundreds of farmers refinance their ag loans to become more cost effective.  Equity has a good reputation with financial institutions throughout the Midwest who specialize in refinancing which allows us to find the best opportunity to help you achieve your goals.  We are not exclusive with any financial institution and will exhaust every possible option to find the best solution for your situation.

Equity has worked with farmers to refinance and consolidate loans to improve cash flow and profits.   Equity also has experience helping farmers find new opportunities to purchase new farm real estate.  We have many resources from our 30 plus years of experience to help you find the best fit for your farm refinancing needs.

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