Equity Plan Plus is a Total Management System that directs your present income power, helps you take better control over your financial assets, and allows you to manage your money more successfully.

Equity Plan Plus recognizes that you have distinct needs and goals.  The plan is specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual. 

The Equity Plus Plan includes:

BUSINESS PLAN & FINANCIAL RESOURCE PLAN: This is your first action plan to protect farm assets.  It is  the roadmap explaining how to get from A to Z and what strategies you plan to utilize to reach your goals.

RETIREMENT PLANNING: Your earning power is higher today.  Your plan will maximize usable after tax dollars from all sources of income to maintain your income after retirement.

INCOME TAX PLANNING: Your plan will review your business structure to determine areas where you can save money on income taxes, social security taxes, and other tax burdens.


INVESTMENT PLANNING: Your plan will detail specific goals for keeping your money working for you.  It will focus on financial freedom and stability and ways to create secondary income opportunities through investments.

PROTECTION PLANNING: The plan will help you maintain your lifestyle by assessing your protection needs, including coverage in the event of disability or death.

1031 EXCHANGE PLANS: This strategy cn allow you to sell your farm and pay no capital gains tax which will improve your ROI.

ESTATE PLANNING: This is an essential part of the overall plan in how you want your assets distributed.  Sound, upfront planning can limit the burden placed on your heirs and minimize potential taxes.

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