Planning is the key for any business to be profitable and well managed.  Equity specializes in developing and presenting business plans to help our clients accomplish their goals and objectives.  A well developed business plan, when implemented, can help any business to maximize profits and to control equity.  A business plan can be defined as a road map to achieve your financial goals. 

Equity clients utilize the business plan as a management tool for the curent time period and future strategic planning.  It covers the executive summary, mission statement, financing, marketing, management, operations, and supporting documents.  The business plan is constructed to be the product explaining features and benefits  of the business opportunity. The business plan has many uses including presenting it to financial resources for loan approval, refinancing, restructuring, and management tool.

We offer the following services:

Profit Planning/Strategic Planning

Profit planning needs to be part of the clients annual market plan and also for strategic planning five years into the future.  A plan that provides planning, delegating, monitoring, and controlling is necessary for profit planning and strategic planning. Financial and business information is gathered and organized into a plan that has a clear purpose.

Preparing Business Plans

A loan package pays dividends in getting loans approved.  Financial resources today expect the applicant to have a well thought out business plan explaining why the financial resources should consider approving the loan.

Debt Restructuring Planning

Debt restructuring requires a great deal of analysis to determine the business problems and many times the business needs to restructure the debt and enable the business to maximize profits.

Debtor/Creditor Resolution

A solution or compromise for the creditor or debtor can be presented through a comprehensive business plan.

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